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At Some Point in Life We All Need a Friend

We too often take life for granted. We go about our daily routines, assuming they will continue uninterrupted.

But sometimes life doesn't unfold the way we hope.


The economy tilts in the wrong direction and all our plans go askew.  An illness interrupts our well calculated plans. 

So many things, small and large, can throw all our hopes and dreams into a cocked hat. 

Suddenly we’re in need of a friend, a helping hand, a place to turn to restore order to our lives and hopes.

Sometimes the answer os a little thing - a place to go for socializing over cards or games;

it may be to exercise our bodies and keep our equilibrium and strength up. 

It may be getting out and hiking, or a brief excursion to interesting places we just wouldn’t explore on our own. 


For many, FSC is here, providing Eel River residents in the 50 Plus age range with places to go and things to do. 

FSC is young, only 16 years old, but it has earned its place in the community with social and recreational programs,

informational, and health/exercise, special events – fulfilling its pledge - its mission -

of empowering, enriching, and involving seniors of the Eel River Valley area.


By becoming a FRIEND of FSC you help sustain these programs, ensuring a safety net for people

who on their own may lack the money or support or resources to get them through difficult times,

and ensure that FSC will always be there when and where it is needed.


It's easy to make a tax-deductible gift

Call the FSC at (707) 726-9203.

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If you have any questions, please call (707) 726-9203 or send us e-mail to

*  The Federal Taxpayer ID for Fortuna Senior Services, Inc. is 20-0322659

                                  Thank You!

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